Our Story

Rustic Peppermint began in our minds a long time ago. We wanted to share our Vegan journey with others in some way, but we didn't quite know what that looked like at first.

In 2013 we became Vegan (after many years of vegetarianism) and started reading the back of everything! Starting with ingredients on food packaging, then onto skin, beauty, hair and cleaning. We couldn't believe animal products and bi-products were in so many things as well as how many brands still test on animals. Then it became very apparent that so many so-called "natural" brands were adding synthetic or toxic ingredients.

So, we started to make our own products. Simple, natural and vegan. Nothing over the top and nothing fancy. Just products that worked for us! 

We began making Lip Balms after finding beeswax in many. Our friends and family used them and praised us, so we knew we had something special! We also spent a lot of money on many different brands of Vegan and Natural Deodorants but were never happy with them so we spent months and months formulating, trialing and testing our own until we found something that worked. A few years after making things for ourselves and our friends and family our wonderful business Rustic Peppermint began! 


A little about Steph (The blonde Aussie) 

Hi lovely people, thanks for finding us! I am kinda the ‘creative’ behind RP. I  handcraft each and every  Rustic Peppermint product from scratch. (Naissa helps in many ways with whenever she can. I couldn’t do this business without her, she keeps me sane). I am an animal and nature lover and a major perfectionist! (Yes, I am a Virgo). I have an entrepreneurial mind and it never stops, so you will notice there are often new products popping up as I absolutely love creating. I am 100% driven and humbled by my customers and I thrive on feedback. I created RP to share the love for natural, cruelty free products and I can’t wait for you to fall in love with our brand. 

How did I end up here?

I have been exposed to the skin and hair industry my whole life, growing up with my mother as a Beauty Therapist and starting hairdressing back in 2000. I was always obsessed and fascinated with skin and hair products from a young age and I was encouraged to look after my skin daily, so naturally this industry called to me.  

I worked in many jobs within the industry, traveling around working on Cruise Ships for 3 years and living in New Zealand for a short time when I was 19.  I also managed 3 different Salons and then went into representing a Global Haircare Company for over four years which brought us to the Gold Coast (and we love it here).

After all of the experience and life lessons I didn’t quite find my real passion until Rustic Peppermint. I always LOVED products (skin and hair care alike) but I hadn’t really ever taken the time to understand the ingredients, I was so obsessed with the results and smells. Now I am still obsessed with those things, but I now know exactly what I am using. 

Formulating products and choosing each ingredient with intense research, testing and love is where my passion lies. 

 I look forward to helping you with your skin care journey!

Love Steph XX  

A little about Naissa (The brunette Brazilian) 

Naissa is extremely intelligent. Anyone who meets her always says so. She is great with computers, animals, helping others, languages, reading and research and also wood work, she actually builds all of our unique wooden displays for our products. She is highly valued and a huge part of Rustic Peppermint. She does work full time in another role so her time is spread very thin, but she manages to always be there to support the business. She has a million passions and interests and never stops learning.

We love that there are likeminded people out there searching for a natural brand with amazing ingredients that you can actually pronounce, without all the synthetic preservatives and other chemicals.

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From the Rustic Peppermint Team

Vision Statement: We aspire to be one of the leading and most reliable providers of natural, handmade and vegan skincare products.

Core Values: It is of utmost importance for Rustic Peppermint to only source Natural, Pure and Vegan ingredients as well as Organic wherever and whenever possible. We will never use anything synthetic in our products and formulations and we pride ourselves in the quality of the raw materials chosen. We are very transparent when it comes to our ingredients and we always showcase and highlight them so that our customers can make an informed decision when buying our products. 

Additional Info: We reuse every piece of packaging that gets delivered to us with our raw ingredient/packaging orders and we encourage our customers to do the same in any way they can. We also have lots of local customers who like to return their 'empties' for reusing. We gladly accept glass packaging and aluminium tins and we feel like we are doing something good for the environment. We are not perfect and we are always looking for ways to improve and offer the most sustainable option whilst keeping our shipping and pricing affordable.