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Magic Baby Dust

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Magic Baby Dust 85g

Our Highly Organic and 100% Natural Baby Dust is also great for adults and mums. It can be used in many areas on the body including bottoms, under the arms, breasts and between the legs to help with minor chafing and to absorb sweat and keep the skin dry.

Directions: Shake on and rub into skin to form a soft gentle barrier. 

Ingredients: *Tapioca, *Arrowroot Powder, White Clay, Oatmeal Colloidal, *Spearmint Essential Oil and 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil

* Denotes Organic


If Pregnant or Breastfeeding consult your doctor. 

Rustic Peppermint products are not TGA approved, they are cosmetic products. Rustic Peppermint is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or other serious medical condition. 

Please do your own research before using Natural products to ensure you are buying the correct product for you.

We also offer a refill option for $12.00. The powder will come in a zip lock pouch and all you need to do is add it into your powder shaker. The whole top just pops off with some force and then push it down with a little force to seal it back on. Make sure you bottle is clean and free of ANY moisture or water before adding the new product inside. Please enquire.