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Skincare Tools


This gorgeous set is perfect for those that take their skincare routine seriously. After all, you need the right tools for the ultimate experience. This gorgeous set comes with all of the tools for Masking, Oil Cleansing, and general body care maintenance. 


Full Set Includes:

Bamboo Bowl + Spoon

Bamboo Beauty Brush 

Bamboo Face Cloth

Travel keep Calico Bag


Bamboo Bowl and spoon are ideal for mixing up Face Masks, Polishing Powders, Pit Detox and Body Mud as well as scooping out body scrub so you take the right amount into the shower in the bamboo bowl keeping your scrub fresh in the packet. 

Bamboo Beauty Brush is ideal for mixing up Face Masks, Polishing Powders and Pit Detox 

Bamboo Cloth is ideal for removing your Oil Cleanser, Face Masks,  and for bathing Bub too.

They all come in a handy set with a perfect travel bag. 


Organic Bamboo Cloth

Size: 20cm x 20cm

Ideal for sensitive skin

These Bamboo cloths are divine! They are handmade with love in the US and make wonderful wash cloths, luxurious face wipes or wipes for diapering and bathing babies. They are also perfect to remove oil cleanser and are non-irritating. Bamboo terry is not like regular terry, it is thinner and much more gentle. These wipes have a good stretch and are heavenly soft. 

70% Bamboo Viscose made from Organic Bamboo

28% Organic Cotton

2% Polyester

The material has been tested for harmful chemicals including lead and is OEKO certified.